Abuse & Trauma


The statistics around the levels of abuse and trauma experienced in this country make for sad reading. Many of us experience it in some form during our early years and the effects are long-lasting, for many, and can be very challenging to deal with.

The long-term consequences of abuse and trauma can be many and varied: relationships can suffer, intimacy can be an ambition rather than a direct experience, and addictive patterns easily become the escape route out of the pain.

Therapy does help. The first step is always to get an overview of the issues and perceived consequences. From there, to begin to learn to manage the feelings, turn down the emotional responses, addictions and safety nets, and work towards integrating the history so that it is no longer a huge, frightening, unmanageable secret, but allowing it to soften into it being a part of who you are, but not the sum of you.

Intimacy can be learned, peace is more than possible, and the array of tools that you can work with, endlessly possible and helpful.


I am Carolyn Cowan, a Psychosexual & Relationship Therapist who is also a sex addiction therapist and a member of COSRT & ATSAC.

You can make appointments to see me in Belgravia, central or south London. I can also work via Skype or FaceTime.

To discuss therapy options, clarify questions or to make an appointment I can be contacted by email at info@carolyncowan.com or by phone on 0208 6513233

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