Loss of Desire


This phrase can be interpreted to mean a host of different experiences which can include anorgasmia, erectile dysfunction, lack of interest in sex, sexual aversion and sexual anorexia.

Equally, depression, medication, stress, children, long-term relationships and life changes can all contribute to us not feeling interest in love making.

Sometimes loss of desire can feel as though, for the person not feeling sexual, a relief, but within a relationship it can create a power struggle. Loss of desire can also be stress-inducing in itself: to have constructed a relationship which includes sexual expression and to find this challenged can shake the foundations upon which you have constructed this area of your life.

Sex therapists’ training includes knowing the right questions to ask to be able to find the path through the issues. Sometimes this can be done in a series of couples therapy sessions or it can be worked on in one-to-one sessions.

I am Carolyn Cowan, a Psychosexual & Relationship Therapist who is also a sex addiction therapist and a member of COSRT & ATSAC.

You can make appointments to see me in Belgravia, central or south London. I can also work via Skype or FaceTime.

To discuss therapy options, clarify questions or to make an appointment I can be contacted by email at info@carolyncowan.com or by phone on 0208 6513233

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