Process Addiction


There are many schools of thought about the causes of addiction. Is it nature? Perhaps nurture? Or maybe just plain old opportunity……
Most of my experience says that it is trauma based, the roots lie in our attachments, early bonding experiences, histories with stories of abandonment, neglect, fear and abuse in all the 5 forms: Sexual, physical, emotional, intellectual & spiritual.
The effects of trauma upon our physical & emotional reality are many and the roots lie very deep within us. When you make the massive leap into recovery from substance abuse, which includes drugs and or alcohol, and have some clean time, certain emotions rear their heads: Fear, anger, depression, intensity….. we may also find that we have issues with food, sex, gambling…… the lists are long and I will not expand here as I know you understand, gently, where I head.
A history of abuse, neglect and trauma set us up to be taken hostage by our emotions. What this ultimately means is that we have
Negative Hormonal Autonomy.

We have the ability to change, profoundly, how we feel just with our thoughts.
We can manipulate ourselves completely into altered states by what we do with our thoughts, our attachments to the thoughts and huge hormonal changes we can create within us by our Process Addiction.
Recovery becomes a very different beast now. Sexual compulsion, be it masturbation, pornography, the use of prostitutes or serial relationships, money, our temper, using depression to control others, whooping ourselves up into a whirlwind of rage and intensity are suddenly spotlighted.
Real recovery comes when we take on this side of ourselves and this is my area of fascination and years of work both personally and as a therapist. Recovery: A life worth living.

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