If you you use prostitutes or are a prostitute there are swathes of judgement levelled against you. This site is not interested in judgement at all.

For those who use prostitutes there can be issues that arise, feelings that are obtusely channelled, and risks that are frequently met head on, including STD’s, pimps demands and the possibility of your own escalating fantasy world being acted out. This can include the use of younger and younger women, and travel to exotic locations to fulfil your “dreams”.

Here, the danger of sex addiction, behaviours that violate your own moral code, compulsion, shame, and secrecy all come together in a cocktail that can quickly spell personal disaster.

Of course, none of the above may apply, and you may be happily having sex with prostitutes, engaging in intimate and loving relationships with your partner, have enough money in the bank to pay your way through life and have no escalation in your arousal cycle or fantasy world.

If you are reading this because you are a prostitute, male or female, then clearly it is not an easy ride and the time has come to deal with your own personal demons that brought you this far.

For many the roots lie in early trauma which inevitably leads to various addictions, loss of sense of self, loss of personal moral codes, a lack of boundaries, and for many working in the sex industry, personal histories which make abusive relationships part of the trauma bond with which you manage all intimacy and expectations.

There are ways through all of this and therapy can be a potent tool.

I am Carolyn Cowan, a Psychosexual & Relationship Therapist who is also a sex addiction therapist and a member of COSRT & ATSAC.

You can make appointments to see me in Belgravia, central or south London. I can also work via Skype or FaceTime.

To discuss therapy options, clarify questions or to make an appointment I can be contacted by email at or by phone on 0208 6513233

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